Wrist Watches 2016

July 5, 2016

Celebrities are recognized all the way in the course of their lives that they be able to have distinguishing tastes when it pertains to wrist watches. Celebrities are very affectionate of making trends, from the paint of their cars, their hairstyles, garments, and even how they tie their shoelaces! Nevertheless, the trends they made do not stop there. They are also in love trying unusual kinds of luxury watches. Their…


Creative Handmade Jewelries

June 18, 2016

A handmade jewelry has its own loveliness, appeal, and is unique. Handmade bracelets or any new handmade present or gift is something or should we say it is really amazing to treasure. A gorgeous jewelry is something one that we can never have enough of. Aside from it is just a work or creation from hands, this special item was shaped from the very inside of the heart and soul….


College Fashion Trend

June 12, 2016

Personally, we really want to give the impression of being fashionable, what they call College Fashion. Chic and stylish at the same time staying inside the restrictions and limits of the university grounds outfit regulations and also considering your allowance. For the school style, it is necessary to always think being convenient and practical, too. It is not really sufficient to capture all the attention of the college students; you…


Kim Kardashian Fashion 2015

May 21, 2016

Kim Kardashian fashion 2015 shows off the newest pictures from Kim kardashian’s instagram and from various celebrity news feeds that monitor and track Kim, what she wears, and Kim’s latest fashion. Kim Kardashian fashion trends, fashion styles, and looks are startling to see and follow. Let’s take a look.          


Add Spice to Your Winter Wardrobe in Prep for the Coming Spring

January 20, 2016

Latest Fashion Trends for Women Excited for spring? It’s still cold outside and you won’t be wearing spring and summer trends anytime soon. However, you don’t have to brave the cold weather in mounds of layers or in your favorite frocks. January should not be a month of being out of fashion and the cold weather should not be an excuse to dress unfashionably. First, this is not the time…


How to Dress for Office Party This Christmas

December 1, 2015

Tis the season of festivities and joyful celebrations again. Parties and gatherings are very common, the reason why you should be updated as to the latest fashion trends for women. You have to look good when you party and make sure that what you’ll be wearing fits right for the occasion. Here are some trends that you should consider when looking for a Christmas outfit: For a daytime office party,…


Nikki Rich to Showcase its Fall 2015 Collection at the WWD MAGIC event this February

February 1, 2015

Nikki Rich to Showcase its Fall 2015 Collection at the WWD MAGIC Las Vegas Convention Center this February 17th-19th Want to see the latest Nikki Rich Fall 2015 collection? Nikki Rich, the lifestyle brand that fuses music, art, and fashion to create modern and chic outfits, will be at the WWD MAGIC this February to display its new designs for this Fall. The WWD MAGIC, in collaboration with Women’s Wear…


Fashion Designer Nikki Lund and Veronica Dunne have a girl’s night out

January 15, 2015

Fashion designer Nikki Lund and Disney Channel star Veronica Dunne recently went out for dinner at Banzai Sushi in Calabasas, California. In her Instagram account, Veronica captioned her photo with Nikki as “my blonde soul mate.”   Veronica plays Marisa on the new Disney Channel Show K.C. Undercover. During the last Daytime Emmy Awards, Veronica was seen wearing a Nikki Rich red jumpsuit on the red carpet. K.C. Undercover will…