• Signs Of Attraction In Body Language – Three Reliable Signs That Someone Is Attracted To You
  • Once-Cool Beauty Trends That You Should Ignore Now
  • Asymmetrical Hems for 2016 Fashion Trend
  • Nikki Lund Beach Body Tips
  • Go from Humdrum to Exceptional with Vintage Jewellery

Signs Of Attraction In Body Language – Three Reliable Signs That Someone Is Attracted To You

What does it mean when someone listens to you talk with her head tipped to one side? Does crossing your arms really mean you are being defensive? Body language experts have everything down to the finest detail, and they will tell you how every move can be analyzed to read people. The same goes for attraction. The way a man/woman moves, sits, holds her hands, crosses her legs; they all…


Once-Cool Beauty Trends That You Should Ignore Now

We’ve all looked at photos from our school days and cringed at the sight of poodle bangs or turtlenecks. Beauty trends change fast, and to look our best, we all have to stay current. Here are some once-cool beauty trends it’s time to let go: The sleek blowout: Good news—you can save your money on this expensive salon splurge and go for a more undone, beachy look, even for a…


Asymmetrical Hems for 2016 Fashion Trend

Asymmetrical hems are rocking the scene nowadays and it’s here to stay and spill until next year. These new fashion is sex-appeal reinvented with a fresh twist. You can see them worn in diagonal cut, draped loose, fluidly hanged, flirty short and laid-back falling over the knees. These style is such a dynamic fashion that it offers different ways to make you look sexy without even trying. The different cut…

woman in a bikini on a background of palm trees

Nikki Lund Beach Body Tips

There’s no such thing as too early to prepare for summer. If you want to have a beach body in June, now is the time to start preparing. Waiting until the last few weeks of May won’t do any good. For Nikki Lund, one of these days’ most sought after and hottest fashion designers, working out is part of her everyday life. Despite her busy schedule as one of the…


What to Watch for When Buying Art Deco Rings

In many ways, purchasing antique rings is as much about personal preference than anything else. A ring that one person glosses over at an antique show or estate sale might be a must-have purchase for another person. But even though beauty is in the eye of the beholder, there are certain things that a buyer of vintage jewellery must look out for. This is true of all pieces including Art…


Go from Humdrum to Exceptional with Vintage Jewellery

No one can really believe that vintage jewellery is only for history buffs. In fact, vintage jewellery has never gone out of fashion and its unquestionably enduring tradition continues till this day, unabated. Way before it was trendy to recycle all the standout looks from the past, people would judiciously pass on their most favorite gem pieces to the oncoming generations. But today, even if your own great-grandmother was not…


The Right Way to Purchase Vintage Jewellery

Shopping vintage jewellery can be a frustrating and often expensive experience. Whether you’re going from one estate sale to another, one antique shop to another, or scouring the internet, the hunt to find perfect vintage rings can take months if not years. And when you do find the piece you can’t live without, it might be difficult coming up with the right amount of cash to claim ownership. However, one…


Add Spice to Your Winter Wardrobe in Prep for the Coming Spring

Latest Fashion Trends for Women Excited for spring? It’s still cold outside and you won’t be wearing spring and summer trends anytime soon. However, you don’t have to brave the cold weather in mounds of layers or in your favorite frocks. January should not be a month of being out of fashion and the cold weather should not be an excuse to dress unfashionably. First, this is not the time…


How to Dress for Office Party This Christmas

Tis the season of festivities and joyful celebrations again. Parties and gatherings are very common, the reason why you should be updated as to the latest fashion trends for women. You have to look good when you party and make sure that what you’ll be wearing fits right for the occasion. Here are some trends that you should consider when looking for a Christmas outfit: For a daytime office party,…


Nikki Rich to Showcase its Fall 2015 Collection at the WWD MAGIC event this February

Nikki Rich to Showcase its Fall 2015 Collection at the WWD MAGIC Las Vegas Convention Center this February 17th-19th Want to see the latest Nikki Rich Fall 2015 collection? Nikki Rich, the lifestyle brand that fuses music, art, and fashion to create modern and chic outfits, will be at the WWD MAGIC this February to display its new designs for this Fall. The WWD MAGIC, in collaboration with Women’s Wear…