Add Spice to Your Winter Wardrobe in Prep for the Coming Spring

Latest Fashion Trends for Women

Excited for spring? It’s still cold outside and you won’t be wearing spring and summer trends anytime soon. However, you don’t have to brave the cold weather in mounds of layers or in your favorite frocks. January should not be a month of being out of fashion and the cold weather should not be an excuse to dress unfashionably.

First, this is not the time to give up your coats and boots. You should still be donning your cold weather basics but you can add some style or do some tweaks to what you’ve been wearing for the past six months. For instance, your scarf will help keep out the chills if you decide to wear a lighter jacket instead of your usual bulky coat.

Meanwhile, here are some trends that you should be trying out as we transition from winter to spring:

A sleek leather jacket will definitely add some excitement to your winter wardrobe. You may pair it with a sweater dress or your favorite jeans.

White blazer on a classic button down shirt and black jeans are also chic pair. You may also want to go for a look where your sweat top is paired with neoprene skirt, a combination that everyone will surely notice.

Seventies trend will be prevalent next season. To prepare for spring, try wearing a denim shirt over a T-shirt. The layering helps you combat the cold while at the same time prepares you for the next season’s trends. Another layering option is to wear a shade of pink or any spring colored top under a neoprene jacket for a sophisticated look.

Denim and suede are also going to be big this coming spring. Throw on your winter coat over a head-to-toe denim dress.

Keep yourself warm with a big scarf while wearing trousers, which are among the next season’s favorites.

Meanwhile, if you will go to a post-holiday party, look posh be wearing a peplum jacket over your party dress. Pair it with gold earrings perhaps and a fur clutch for a posh look.

The cold season should not stop you from dressing fashionable. Add some colors and a little tweak on your winter outfit and you’ll surely be noticed.