• Vodka on the Rocks: The Art of Enjoying Vodka Neat and Chilled
  • Top 4 Makeup Tips For Wearing Contact Lenses
  • Top Safety Tips for Contact Wearers
  • What makes Angelina’s chestnut cream so special
  • 4 Insightful Reasons To Wear Religious Jewelry

Vodka on the Rocks: The Art of Enjoying Vodka Neat and Chilled

Vodka, with its smooth and clear characteristics, is a beloved spirit enjoyed worldwide. Savoring vodka on the rocks, neat and chilled, adds an elegant and sophisticated touch to the experience. Let’s explore the art of enjoying vodka in its purest form and why it’s worth savoring. The Magic of Neat Vodka: Drinking vodka neat allows you to appreciate its true essence. No mixers, ice, or garnishes are added, providing an…


Top 4 Makeup Tips For Wearing Contact Lenses

Summary: Wearing makeup with contact lenses can cause all types of problems. However, there are certain precautions you can take to avoid encountering these issues. Starting your daily routine with makeup is probably second-nature, but what happens if you start to wear contact lenses? Does your routine start to change? Do you need to approach the process differently? Do products need to be thrown away and replaced with new ones?…


Top Safety Tips for Contact Wearers

Summary: Contact lenses require proper maintenance and cleaning before each use. If you are one of the 45 million people in the United States who wear contact lenses for vision correction, there are important steps you need to take in order to avoid eye infections and long-lasting damage. Not only are mismanaged contact lens issues serious, but they can be preventable. Here are some tips that will help you avoid…


What makes Angelina’s chestnut cream so special

Article submitted by Cécile Zarokian Angelina tearoom is one of the favorite places among tourists, for having a great cup of tea along with a variety of pastries, cakes and desserts. The creamy chestnut spread is Angelina’s specialty. It is made from the best quality chestnuts and vanilla bean, which gives it unique and delicate flavor. The chestnut cream is the main ingredient of Angelina’s Mont Blanc. It is a…


4 Insightful Reasons To Wear Religious Jewelry

When getting dressed for your busy day do you find yourself searching for jewelry that matches your outlook as well as it matches your faith? Picking out the right necklace can be difficult when you’ve got other pieces that don’t match with certain outfits. Make an easy choice and wear what symbolizes your faith. Here are 4 insightful reasons why you should wear religious jewelry: Wearing silver or gold cross…


Top Designers 2017

The top designers of 2017 are those tracking 2017’s top trends, says Dev Randhawa. Tory Burch, Calvin Klein, The Row by Ashley and Mary Kate Olsen, and Paco Rabanne are leaders in Workleisure, a professional spin on the popular Athleisure trend that features neutral hues and clean lines. Paco Rabanne, along with Louis Vuitton, is also embracing 2017’s revival of the futuristic metallics. Leading in the trend of bold, colorful…


Top Fashion Trends

Where is fashion headed when it comes to accessories in 2017? The following trends are just a few that are making a major impact this year. Single earrings For a bold design that makes a statement that cannot be ignored, single earrings offer a dramatic touch that is part of the growing popularity of large and oversized jewelry. Find the right shape and size for your face and stand out…


Top Luxury Watches for 2017

Accessories definitely make the man and luxury watches are a great way for a man that appreciates style to make a statement. A luxury watch is an indicator of immaculate taste and there are several characteristics to consider before purchasing a watch, including the quality of construction, styling, pricing, and important features. The following watches are an impressive few that are formidable on all fronts. TAG Heuer Men’s Kirium F1…


Secrets of High Fashion

Most women and men like to look expensive and that their clothing reflect a sense of polish and good grooming. Dev Randhawa brings together some of high-fashions best tips. High fashion isn’t cheap, but it can be achieved in a few simple ways without breaking your budget. You can look luxe, and designer Michael Kors has offered some basics to remember. For example, when it comes to a fashion staple…

Sunglasses Trends

Sunglasses Trends Summer Kickoff

Article Written by : Fresh Boutique It’s time to kickoff summer with the latest hottest sunglasses trends of the season. The Sunglasses Trends Summer Kickoff. From some modest styles that has a trendy pops of color, to a more classic iconic design such as the famous cat eyes. FLAT TOPS This silhouettes emerge from the runway this season with an off the bright semi transparent fuchsia opo color.  It is…