Top Fashion Trends

Where is fashion headed when it comes to accessories in 2017? The following trends are just a few that are making a major impact this year.

Single earrings

For a bold design that makes a statement that cannot be ignored, single earrings offer a dramatic touch that is part of the growing popularity of large and oversized jewelry. Find the right shape and size for your face and stand out from the crowd.

Statement Necklaces

Trade in those minimal and simple pendants and opt for a statement necklace that makes for a bold presence. With so many designs to choose from, it is nearly impossible not to find one that complements your face and takes your style up a notch.

Multi-Layered Necklaces

The compromise between wearing a statement necklace and small pendants is a multi-layered necklace that allows you more versatility and options to suit your personality.

Multiple Rings on One Hand

For some women, wearing one ring is not enough, which makes the decision to wear one or two (or more) rings on one hand all the more enticing. Whether you select big or small, shiny or multi-colored, you can combine rings until you find just the right fit for your hands.

Religious Crosses

Wearing religious crosses is not just about displaying your faith, but also about celebrating innovative design. Find a distinctive cross that represents not only your religious freedom, but your artistic flair as well.

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