Nikki Lund Beach Body Tips

There’s no such thing as too early to prepare for summer. If you want to have a beach body in June, now is the time to start preparing. Waiting until the last few weeks of May won’t do any good.

For Nikki Lund, one of these days’ most sought after and hottest fashion designers, working out is part of her everyday life. Despite her busy schedule as one of the brains behind the fashion brand Nikki Rich, she makes it a point to exercise regularly to maintain her figure.

Nikki Lund Beach Body Tips

“I box three times a week and lift some weights,” she said. She also added that she runs twice a week between three to five miles. “I also do Jacuzzi dips and jumps in the pool to soak the muscles.” Aside from boxing and running, Nikki does 30-minute cardio workouts everyday and do an hour of toning exercises each day.

The health benefits of physical activity and exercise are hard to ignore. Aside from helping you reach your fitness goals, regular exercise is also known to combat diseases and health conditions, boosts energy, and helps improve ones mood. This is very important for people who live stressful lives. When you exercise, the body releases hormones that make you feel happier and more relaxed. It can also help improve muscle strength and boost endurance.

When combined with physical activity, proper diet can help you reach and maintain a healthy weight. For Nikki, white sugar and other forms of processed carbohydrates are a no-no in her diet. Also, she does not eat carbohydrates after 4:00 pm and makes sure that she does not eat food beyond 8:00 pm.