Asymmetrical Hems for 2016 Fashion Trend

Article Written by : Fancy That Jewelry Design

Asymmetrical hems are rocking the scene nowadays and it’s here to stay and spill until next year. These new fashion is sex-appeal reinvented with a fresh twist. You can see them worn in diagonal cut, draped loose, fluidly hanged, flirty short and laid-back falling over the knees. These style is such a dynamic fashion that it offers different ways to make you look sexy without even trying. The different cut it offers is a refreshing welcome in such endless possibilities.

The lively cut that asymmetric hems offer highlights on putting your legs into the spotlight as a scene to watch out for in spring 2016. This fashion will be in full bloom come the early part of the coming year. The asymmetric cut is such dynamic that it introduces different fluidity even on different fabrics such as those sturdy ones, to diaphanous chiffon and they can be flowing like leaves on a windy afternoon or short and fitted to reveal more of the legs. This new fashion is energetic giving it up to you to decide what type of cut to wear and tapping your creativity on which cut to choose. Asymmetrical cut adds flow to your body when you walk and the cut flows with you as you move.

Asymmetrical cut gives you breezy silhouettes in light fabric, relaxed shapes and done in light colors. Here are some tips you would want to consider in wearing them:

  • Make sure that if the hem starts from the hip area, it should end up somewhere just above or below the knee. This will make the look more appropriate during daytime.
  • Be creative in throwing some prints or an ankle strap heels that looks natural with it.
  • If you choose to wear a dress with this cut, you might want to consider the parachute silhouettes with silky material along with flat sandals and low buns.
  • For some masculine and cool looking, you wear some more black and throw some leather jacket in there along with brazenly much shorter cut that gives sex appeal a new turn.
  • If you are into light flowing dress in this cut, you might want to drape it with oversized blazer in black and pair it with western-inspired boots to give that tough look and firm expression.
  • Deciding to go for a sporty look, asymmetrical hems got it coming. Heels and bare face accentuate a carefree sporty look and some light colored tops with contrasting dark skirt or pants. Also if you decide to have sporty asymmetrical skirt, go for layered sporty sheer top, a bandeau or crop tops would be amazing and sheer sexy.

Asymmetrical hems by nature is sexy as associated by the uneven cut that flows along when walking, highlighting the legs and the movement more. This style is best worn during sundown and at night to bring out the sultry sex appeal in you but glamorous enough to wear naturally.