Once-Cool Beauty Trends That You Should Ignore Now

beauty-trendsWe’ve all looked at photos from our school days and cringed at the sight of poodle bangs or turtlenecks. Beauty trends change fast, and to look our best, we all have to stay current. Here are some once-cool beauty trends it’s time to let go:

The sleek blowout: Good news—you can save your money on this expensive salon splurge and go for a more undone, beachy look, even for a night out.

Long, decorated nails: A bit of an over-the-top look even when it was all the rage, long, elaborately painted nails have been replaced with shorter, more sophisticated ones. When nails are painted, the design is simple and sleek, like a single white line.

Mismatched everything: Fashion is cyclical, and the trend to pair a striped blouse with a flowered pair of pants is on its way out. Cycling in are outfits that are more coordinated, likepairing a red dress with exactly the same shade of scarlet on your lips.

Matte eyeshadow: Shimmery is back. However, it’s best to pair it with a thick, opaque liner to give your look some edge. Balance a colorful shade with a beige, taupe, or ivory shadow on the inner corners of the eyes and the bottom lash line.

Light lipstick in the summer, dark in the winter. There is no reason why you can’t wear a darker shade for a more dramatic look during the warmer months. This rule, together with the “no white after Labor Day” should stay where they belong—in the past.

Pumice stones: Like sand paper for your feet, pumice stones can cause irritation and dryness. If you want to do a DYI pedicure, go for a sugar scrub instead. If you can’t part with your stone, be sure to moisturize your feet after you exfoliate them.

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