Best Celebrity Male Fashion Look

Article Written by : Kid Stuf

There are different styles of wearing and choosing  clothes but only few could stand out. If you want to know some tips, you should read this. Best Celebrity Male Fashion Look.


David Beckham





He is all girls ideal man, with his pleasantpersonality and everything. In particular, his collection of baker boy hats has been a highlight this past year. It’s becoming harder and harder to find fault in any of Becks’ looks – the infamous double leather and sarong faux pas of his youth are now nothing but a distant memory. Beckham wears a suit like a second skin and you can expect him to appear nothing short of pristine at formal events. He’s also stripped back his casual wear and now concentrates on artfully layering classic pieces, using accessories to individualize his ensembles.


Pharrell Williams



Pharrell is a hit. There aren’t too many people who can boast the success Pharrell Williams had during 2013. The ageless hit-maker collaborated and produced some of the biggest tracks of the year while his clothing label, Billionaire Boys Club, celebrated its 10th anniversary. Pharrell’s style is indefinable; some of the looks he puts together are so individual to him that very few – if any – could pull them off.


David Gandy

David Gandy, a gorgeous male model that lighting up the lenses of fashion photographers both on screen and off with his blend of British tailoring and Italian suave. A master of the double-breasted jacket and killer three-piece, Gandy’s appearances at global fashion weeks were sartorial highlights last year and his sharp style shows no signs of falling off any time soon. He is a inaugural model and always has a stand-out look.





Tinie Tempah

ince his fame onto the music world a few years back, Tinie has continually impressed with his unique style. GQ‘s Best Dressed Man of 2012, he often combines tailoring with trend-led elements, giving each his own personal twist. A master of juxtaposing aesthetics, Tinie nailed his formal and smart-casual looks throughout. His individuality and ability to pull off some of the more daring aspects of contemporary fashion cement him as a true style icon. Tinie is one orginal icon.





Justin Timberlake



Justin Timberlake is a hot Music and Fashion Icon. JT’s fashion style is unique kind of thing. He seriously stepped up his game in 2013. With Tom Ford’s backing, Timberlake’s new, grown-up approach to style coincided with a more mature sound, and slick suiting is now a staple in his wardrobe.

His grooming has also been top notch and he even laid claim to one of the year’s most sought-after hairstyles: the pomade pompadour. Timberlake’s Cannes outfits were a particular style highlight.

Alex Turner




Alex Turner is a flamboyant kind of person. His personal style has been known to constantly shift and evolve while remaining rooted in classic mod style. The long locks have been snipped and slicked to help smarten and mature not only his, but the band’s image as well, which coincided with the release of their critically-acclaimed fourth studio album, AM. The boy from Sheffield makes not only GQ‘s top ten, but ours as well.