Signs Of Attraction In Body Language – Three Reliable Signs That Someone Is Attracted To You

Article Written by : My Cherry Pop

What does it mean when someone listens to you talk with her head tipped to one side? Does crossing your arms really mean you are being defensive? Body language experts have everything down to the finest detail, and they will tell you how every move can be analyzed to read people. The same goes for attraction. The way a man/woman moves, sits, holds her hands, crosses her legs; they all do mean something and can give you an indication of how he/she feels about you. Here are a few pointers:

Crossed Legs – If he/she has just crossed her legs and they are pointed towards you, it could mean they are interested in you. Make a mental note to check yourself the next time you are with that special someone and cross your legs, look at where they are pointed. If they are pointed towards him/her, yes, then it is an indication that you are attracted to him/her. If not, do not fret. It is not the only indicator.

Small Grooming Gestures – If someone is interested in you, he/ she might constantly demonstrate gestures of grooming. These signs could be anything from putting their hair into place, straightening a tie. These signs can easily be missed, so you must be observant enough to catch them.

Gazing Back and Forth – Another sign that indicates someone is interested in you is if that person keeps stealing glances at you. You might even find them gazing at you every now and then. If you feel the same, then go ahead – gaze all you want!

Body language signs are easy to interpret and they happen subconsciously. However, do not overanalyze. It is not the only key to determining whether someone is attracted to you or not.